About Commonwealth Data Point

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Whether you would like to see what was bought on a state purchase charge card or how many students enrolled in your university, Commonwealth Data Point has the answers. Commonwealth Data Point offers a free, interactive, and fascinating approach to view the transparency of state data to the citizens of the Commonwealth. This website offers key financial and demographic information about the Commonwealth of Virginia and the operations of state government.

Commonwealth Data Point is the result of legislation sponsored by Senator Walter A. Stosch, who wanted the public to have readily accessible demographic data and detailed state financial figures. What started out as a simple website that displayed state agencies and institutions revenue and expenditure transactions has turned into a data center for the Commonwealth's operations.

Commonwealth Data Point includes 100% of all state spending, including all contract payments. Some information has been excluded and/or redacted if the information was deemed confidential as determined by the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or other state or federal regulations. Because the information presented in the Commonwealth Data Point is obtained from a number of sources, we have tried to standardize the presentation and format for ease of readability. However, we caution the user that both financial numbers and demographic data are not audited information and may require some review or additional research. This is especially true of current information we add during the fiscal year.

Users of Commonwealth Data Point may require additional resources to understand some of the detail on this website. We would recommend that those users contact the source of the information, since they have original data and documents supporting the transactions. We also encourage the user to e-mail or contact us with suggestions or comments.