State Budget

Virginia's budget goes through many stages before it is in its final format. The pages below each display the budget in a different format in order to help everyone gain a better understanding of the budget and to be able to draw conclusions from the data. The Total Budget screens show the final budget after all amendments, adjustments, and transfers have been made and processed. The Budget to Actual Expense screens compare final budget data to actual expenses.

They also allow you to examine either the final budget figures or actual expenses in greater detail. The Total Budget to Final Budget screens display the original budget figures, all adjustments or transfers that are made, and the final budget. The Original Budget shows the budget approved by the General Assembly. The Final Budget includes any adjustments made to the budget after it was approved.

Total Budget:Statewide | Secretariat | Agency | Program | Fund

Budget to Actual Expenses: Statewide | Secretariat | Agency | Program | Fund

Total Budget to Final Budget: Statewide | Agency

Note: All Budget pages display only the three most recent fiscal years. All years are available by using the export button at the bottom of every page.