Expenditures by Agency and Colleges

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Statewide :  Expenditures

Agency:    Department of Environmental Quality

Function:    Resource And Economic Development

Program:    Air Quality Mobile Source Regulation Enforcemt

Service Area 2016 2015 2014 2013
Air Quality Mobile Source Regulation Enforcemt
Air Quality Stationary Source Compliance Inspectn
Air Quality Stationary Source Permitting
Air Quality Stationary Source Regulation Enforcemt
Groundwater Management
Permit Assistance & Operations Coordination
Sewage And Wastewater Regulation
Waste Enforcement
Waste Inspection Management
Waste Permit Management
Water Protection Stormwater Management
Water Discharge Compliance Inspections
Water Discharge Permit Management
Water Discharge Pretreatment Management
Water Resources Enforcement
Water Protection
Water Protection Compliance/Enforcement
Water Protection Monitoring And Assessment
Water Protection Outreach
Water Protection Permitting
Water Protection Planning And Policy