Expenditures by Agency and Colleges

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Statewide : Expenditures

Agency :   Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University

Fund:    Higher Education Operating

Fund Detail 2016 2015 2014 2013
Adv Rsrch Prjcts Agy-Enrgy Fincl Asst Prg - Arra
Auxiliary Enterprise
Child Care And Development Block Grant - Arra
College Work Study - Arra
Computer Degn Tools-Models Simulatns Anlysis - Arra
Devlpmnt Of Microgrids-Campus Type Facilities-Arra
Electricty Dlivry And Enrgy Reliability Resrch-Arra
Eminent Scholars
Energy Efficiency And Conservation Bg Prog-Arra
Energy Federal Flow Thru Contract - Arra
Excess Tuition And Fees
Fiscal Stabilization - Education - Arra
Foundation/Other Grants/Contracts
Geologic Sequestration Training & Research - Arra
Higher Education Operating
Indirect Cost Recovery
Measuremnt And Engineering Research And Standard- Arra
Nasa Federal Flow Thru Contract - Arra
Office Of Science Financial Assist Pgm - Arra
Recovery Act Byrne Local - Arra
Recovery Act Jag State - Arra
Renewable Energy Research And Development - Arra
St Fiscal Stabilization Fund-Innovation Fund- Arra
State Broadband Data And Devlpmnt Grant Prog - Arra
State Energy Program - Arra
Statewide Data Systems - Arra
Surplus Supplies & Equip Sales-Non-Gen/Fed-High Ed
Surplus Supplies And Equip Sales-Gen-High-Ed
Trans-Nih Recovery Act Research Support - Arra
Trans-Nsf Recovery Act Research Support - Arra
Unique Military Activities
Weatherization Asst For Low-Income Persons - Arra
Work Study
Worker Tain Plcemnt-High Growth And Emerging - Arra