Expenditures by Agency and Colleges

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Statewide : Expenditures

Agency :   Department Of Mines, Minerals And Energy

Fund:    Federal Trust

Fund Detail 2016 2015 2014 2013
Agency Original Indirect Cost Rate - Arra
Conservation Research & Development - Arra
Eecbg Rea Loan Loss Reserve Fund - Arra
Electricty Dlivry And Enrgy Reliability Resrch-Arra
Energize Virginia RevolvingĀ  Loan Fund
Energy Efficiency And Conservation Bg Prog-Arra
Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Prog - Arra
Federal Trust
Renewable Energy Research And Development - Arra
State Energy Program - Arra
State Energy Program Special Projects - Arra
Statewide Original Indirect Cost Rate - Arra
Surplus Supplies & Equip Sales-Federal-Agencies
Watershed Protection And Flood Prevention - Arra