Expenditures by Agency and Colleges

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Statewide :  Expenditures

Agency:   Virginia Military Institute

Major Object: Personal Services

Major Object 2016 2015 2014 2013
Annual Employer Health Insurance Premium
Bonuses & Incentives
Deferred Compensation Match Payments
Employee Retire Contributions-Defined Benefits Prg
Employer Retire Contributions-Defined Benefits Prg
Group Life Insurance
Indirect Cost Rcvry Aux Pgm For Personal Services
Intra-Agency Recoveries For Personal Services
Personal Services - Local Funds
Retiree Medical/Hospitalization Insurance Credit
Salaries, Administrative Higher Education
Salaries, Appointed Officials
Salaries, Classified
Salaries, Information Technology Employees
Salaries, Teaching & Research
Salaries, Valors Participants
Social Security And Medicare
Specified Per Diem Payments
Teachers Insurance Annuity
Vsdb And Long-Term Disability Insurance
Wages, Federal Work Study Student
Wages, General
Wages, Information Technology Employees
Wages, Student
Wages, Teaching & Research Part-Time