Expenditures by Agency and Colleges

Drill Down Path

Statewide :  Expenditures

Agency:   Magistrate System

Major Object: Contractual Services

Major Object 2016 2015 2014 2013
Auditing Services
Clerical Services
Computer Hardware Maintenance Services
Computer Operating Services (Non-Vita/Vendor)
Computer Software Development Costs
Computer Software Maintenance Services
Dental Services
Employee It Training Courses/Workshops/Conferences
Employee Training Courses/Workshops/Conferences
Employee Training Trans/Lodging/Meals/Incidentals
Express Services
Fiscal Services
Food & Dietary Services
Hospital Services
Intra-Agency Recoveries For Contractual Services
Management Services
Manual Labor Services
Media Services
Messenger Services
Nursing Home Services
Organization Memberships
Outbound Freight Services
Personnel Management Services
Postal Services
Printing Services
Production Services
Publication Subscriptions
Recruitment Advertising
Skilled Services
Telecommunications Services (Non-State)
Telecommunications Services (State)
Telecommunications Services (Vita)
Travel, Meal Reimbursement-Not Reportable To Irs
Travel, Meal Reimbursement-Reportable To Irs
Travel, Personal Vehicle
Travel, Public Carriers
Travel, State Vehicles
Travel, Subsistence, And Lodging
Vehicle Repair & Maintenance Services
Vita Info Tech Integration Costs-Goods & Svcs