Expenditures by Agency and Colleges

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Statewide :  Expenditures

Agency:   Department of Criminal Justice Services

Major Object: Equipment

Major Object 2016 2015 2014 2013
Built-In Equipment
Computer Software Purchases
Desktop Client Computers(Microcomputers)
Development Tools Purchases
Electronic & Photographic Equipment Improvements
Electronic Equipment
Exhibit Equipment
Field Equipment
Household Equipment
Inter-Agency Recoveries For Equipment
Laboratory Equipment
Law Enforcement Equipment
Mainframe Computers And Components
Mechanical Equipment
Medical & Dental Equipment
Medical & Laboratory Equipment Improvements
Mobile Client Computers(Microcomputers)
Motor Vehicle Equipment
Network Components
Network Servers
Non-Power Repair & Maintenance Equipment
Office Appurtenances
Office Equipment Improvements
Office Furniture
Office Incidentals
Office Machines
Other Computer Equipment
Personal Computing Systems And Components
Photographic Equipment
Recreational Equipment
Reference Equipment
Specific Use Equipment Improvements
Stationary Equipment Improvements
Voice & Data Transmission Equipment